About us

We are a mother/daughter duo who decided to step out in faith, and together we own and operate Broken Boutique. God gave us a vision in 2014 and we opened our doors in 2015 with one goal in mind, to use this business as a platform to reach people for Jesus.  Whether it be making a customer feel beautiful in a unique piece of clothing we sell, ministering to a passerby who stepped in for directions.  We believe Broken things can be Beautiful things if we let God do the mending.
    We have a passion for working with others to help build their businesses and their faith as well; which is why we have welcomed a couple of vendors to Join us here at Broken Boutique.  We love to see their businesses grow and it gives us the opportunity to lift them up in prayer along the way.
    It is our hope to be well-known as a faith-based business, run by a family serving God, to spread the message that just because you may feel a little Broken at times, with God's help those Broken things can be Blessed things too.